Welcome to Benwerrin Kindergarten

Onsite tour is available for prospective families every Monday morning until December 7. Email the kinder benwerrin.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au and confirm your attendance and time.

Benwerrin offers an extended 7 hour program for the 3 year olds, and two long day programs (two days x 7.5 hours) for the 4 year olds.  Learn More


Benwerrin Kindergarten, in partnership with families, strives to develop every child's learning potential through the provision of exemplary early childhood education in a safe, equitable, inclusive and stimulating environment. The program will support and empower our children to grow strong as both individuals, and as members of their community and culture.

Timetables and Fees

Please refer to our Parent Resources page for the 2021 and  2021 timetable and fees. Please contact the kinder for further information about enrolment.

Mission Statement

Benwerrin Kindergarten Association employs high quality early childhood teachers who are committed to:

  • Ensuring the health and well-being of every child
  • The provision of a safe and secure environment
  • Providing relevant, high quality early childhood education
  • Creating, and maintaining, a welcoming environment in which every member's contribution is valued and respected
  • Building strong, honest, and open collaborative relationships with families
  • Critical reflection and the ongoing continuous improvement of the kindergarten service and the education provided as informed by the National Quality Standards NQS

Benwerrin Kindergarten Philosophy

  • We are committed to the rights of all children to experience a quality early childhood education in an environment that allows them to feel safe and healthy, to learn, to have fun, and to grow up strong within their culture.
  • We celebrate children as successful, capable and competent learners; they are valued and cared for through nurturing, trusting and respectful relationships.
  • We welcome contributions from all families in sharing their cultures, passions and expertise with the children and the learning that can occur from shared knowledge.
  • We practice cultural safety which includes a commitment to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, culturally and /or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and the safety of children with disabilities.

Our educational programs contribute to strong foundations to life-long learning.

  • We work in partnership with families and other professionals to ensure that all children have equal opportunities to achieve their maximum potential.
  • Our philosophy and programming are guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) and the National Early Years Framework (EYLF) as well as through a range of curriculum approaches such as play based pedagogy, child-centered, emergent based learning and intentional teaching practices.
  • We draw on the EYLF Principles and Practices to inform and guide our teaching.
  • We show an appreciation and enjoyment of the natural environment and being responsible to care for the environment.
  • Educators are valued for their knowledge and experience as well as their strengths, talents and interests that they bring to the team.

Latest Addition to our Facilities

Our Bali Hut

With fundraising efforts and successful grant applications such as the Minor Infastructure Grant and the Bendigo Bank Grant, Benwerrin Kindergarten Community was able to complete ‘The Bali Hut Project .’ This multi use, outdoor play space with a Balinese open play hut with a real Balinese thatched roof will provide opportunities for the children to experience a culturally diverse outdoor play area that is inviting and inclusive.

It has a range of textures, surfaces and colours derived from natural sources will respond to children’s connection and appreciation to the natural world. As educators, supporting children’s ability to play outdoors in the natural environment is pivotal to childhood experiences.